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7 Tips to get weightlifting properly

Gimnasio Turre is the town’s friendliest community based gym and fitness studio.

You know it: Turning up at the Gym all pumped and motivated to get started, and there are a bunch of guys who look like “Arnie” from the 1980s and are carrying more weight than you could ever have imagined, all you can think about is how far you have to go before you’ll even come close to getting that jacked.

However, the truth is: Regardless of whether you’re a novice, the basic reality is that, being in the Gym presumably implies you needed to make a shift in your life goals to get fitter and healthier. You are now on the starting line to larger muscles, stronger mindset, and a healthier outlook.

BUT WAIT, lifting weights improperly or excessively can result in injury.
It is essential to maintain proper form and lift the appropriate volume in order to avoid injury.
Don’t worry though, we’re here to help you reach all of your fitness goals through “Gimnasio Turre’s” expert techniques, effective programming, and of course a healthy diet.

Be sure to perform these seven activities at each of your workouts before even considering moving on to greater things.

Gimnasio Turre are here to help, guide and motivate you on your path of a stronger, leaner and healthier YOU.


Its Your New Start

Lets Take your Journey to better Fitness together

7 Tips to get weightlifting properly

1. STAY HYDRATED: Muscle is 75% water. So weigh yourself on a digital scale before and after your workout. Then drink the difference in ounces of water.

2. BRING TWO TOWELS TO THE GYM: One for your post- workout shower & one for the equipment after you have used it. (Always wipe your sweat off the bench between sets.)

3. TO SPOT or NOT – that is the question: As a beginner, you should always have a “Spotter” on hand, primarily on bench lifts(sometimes referred to as the “two man bench press”) or Barbell Squats. Be prepared to return the favour of course.

4. EMBRACE THE DUMBELL: You won’t need a spotter, you’ll rarely have to wait for a pair, and they’ll give your muscles a harder work out than the machines.

5. CONTROL THE WEIGHT: If you require momentum to lift a weight, then dont lift the weight. A simple test: Pause for at least 5 seconds before lifting a weight. It can be tempting to pick up the biggest dumbell imagineable, but this will not end well. A managed weight lift is the way to go, Gimnasio Turre can provide you with a progressive weight management plan that matches your body & strength

6. START SLOW: Making minor amendments to your daily routine will help you cultivate positive advancement. Starting slowly with manageable weights will not only give you the abilty to last longer on your path but give you the self motivation and self respect that is needed for the change, you’ll be more apt to continue it and make more changes without them overwhelming.

7. STAND PROUD: Want an easy way to tell if you’re performing your exercises correctly? Check your posture. The correct starting position for most exercises is shoulders back, chest out, standing (or sitting) tall, with your abdominal muscles tight. Good posture, good form = Great Muscle growth.

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