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Unlocking Your New Year Fitness Triumph

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As the clock strikes midnight on December 31st, the echoes of New Year resolutions fill the air. For many, the commitment to a healthier lifestyle and increased physical activity tops the list. The post-Christmas to New Year period often becomes a buffer zone for indulgence, with promises to “start eating healthy and exercising in the New Year.”

Yet, how often do these resolutions kick off with enthusiasm only to fizzle out, leaving us discouraged? According to recent studies, the majority abandon their resolutions by January 19th, and a staggering 80 percent give up by the second week of February. Setting goals is the easy part; the challenge lies in actualizing them.

We’re invested in your success, so here are some strategies to ensure your fitness resolutions endure beyond the initial two months of the year.

Craft a Unique Routine or Strategy

The magnitude of your goal matters less than the habits you form to reach it. Intentions alone won’t cut it – it’s the absence of these habits that often thwarts fitness resolutions. Consider this as a lifestyle shift, not merely an addition to your current routine. Develop a consistent, realistic plan that holds you accountable. Focus on the ‘when’ and ‘what’ aspects.

When Should You Exercise?

The frequency of your workouts depends on various factors. Choose three convenient days and times, sticking to a consistent weekly schedule. Morning exercise, as per recent findings, this helps maintain motivation, offering benefits like fewer distractions, beating the heat, improved mood, better sleep quality, and increased daytime energy.


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What Type of Exercise Appeals to You?

Select an exercise you genuinely enjoy; consistency is more likely if it’s enjoyable. Avoid succumbing to trends or gimmicks; opt for something that suits you. Experiment with a few options until you find the right fit. If you’re uncertain, try different activities each month until you discover your preference.

Establish Realistic, Specific Goals

Avoid vague statements like “I want to lose weight” or “I’ll exercise more.” Specify your goals – determine the weight to lose or the increased exercise duration. Big goals are great, but they may feel daunting without a sense of achievement. Set monthly goals to track progress toward your larger objective.
Be realistic and patient; starting small and gradually increasing intensity prevents injury and setbacks. Seek advice from a Physiotherapist or Exercise Physiologist if uncertain about where to begin.

Don’t Overlook Your Diet

Diet and exercise are intertwined; what you consume fuels daily activities. Eating well, especially on workout days, is crucial. Skipping meals or making poor food choices can lead to lightheadedness and nausea, you can read more about diets here.

Start Strong with Breakfast

Breakfast isn’t just an old adage; it’s scientifically proven as the most important meal. Opt for a fiber-rich, high-protein breakfast to sustain energy levels. Consider incorporating oats, bananas, eggs, nuts, seeds, unsweetened Greek yogurt, avocados, whole grain toast, waffles, berries, and vegetables.

Embrace Protein

Protein supports muscle health, aids recovery, and helps control hunger. Aim for 15-25% of daily intake from protein. Guidelines recommend 0.84g per kilogram of body weight per day for men and 0.75g for women.

Quantity / Amount Food Amount of Protein
85g Cooked lean beef 22g
85g  Salmon 19g 
½ cup Raw Oats 13g
1 cup Full fat milk  8g 
1 cup Quinoa 8g
Egg 6g
28 (¼ cup) Almonds 6g
1 cup Chopped broccoli 3g

Relying on the New Year’s start as motivation is insufficient. Success requires a plan and commitment. Channel your energy into an enjoyable activity, create a routine, and remember that consistency forms the bedrock of lasting habits.
Set attainable goals and take gradual steps. Your revamped exercise routine, coupled with a balanced diet, positions you for optimal performance and success in conquering your New Year fitness triumphs.

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